Portrait 01 - Chez Marine Neuilly

Portrait 01 - At home with Marine Neuilly

One morning in January, Marine opens the doors of her apartment in the 10th arrondissement of Paris to us, accompanied by Dee Dee, her dog.

Coconut carpet, vintage furniture, mountains of books and vinyls, its interior is so plush that you immediately felt at home.

She took part in the photo shoot with ease.

She is notably wearing one of our new models: The Fine Strap Dress in black.

Comfortable, versatile and stylish, it's the essential to have this spring and summer.

All photos are by Estelle Rancurel.

OMEAR: Your age, your profession and your city?

Marine: 36, DJ, Paris

OMEAR: Which room to choose to feel comfortable at home?

Marine: I have an obsession with cotton tank tops! It's a material that I love: timeless, simple and chic.

OMEAR: A memory of a basic linked to childhood?

Marine: I remember the floral print swimsuit briefs that I wore in cotton, which were very pretty and super comfortable. I also kept this habit of always mismatching my underwear.

OMEAR: Your comfort zone at home?

Marine: Speak! I am very comfortable in society and move quite easily from conversation to conversation with complete strangers!

OMEAR: Music to feel good?

Marine: Chilly Gonzales - Lunar Curtains

OMEAR: An object of comfort?

Marine: My two vintage Mario Bellini armchairs, visual and material comfort!

OMEAR: A morning or evening ritual?

Marine: Morning and evening walk with Dee Dee, my little Pug :)

OMEAR: A scent that makes you feel good at home?

Marine: The smell of the terracotta Melograno from Santa Maria Novella. I have one in every room!

OMEAR: A favorite delivery meal?

Marine: I am an absolute fan of Ruisseau burgers, perfect for recharging the batteries.

Marine is wearing the Fine Bretelle dress, the Fine Bretelle tank top and the Trois Quart in size S.

Thanks to Marine for opening the doors of her apartment to us and to Estelle Rancurel for the photos.