Cotton essentials to wear all the time.

At OMEAR, since the beginning, comfort has been at the center. It is almost sacred.

We want clothes that we put on without asking too many questions. At home, first, then when you come out of your cocoon; a garment that follows us, according to our needs and desires, all year round.

Favorite and versatile pieces that make us feel good inside and out.

OMEAR offers ultra comfortable, timeless and durable pieces. These favorite, very soft clothes, central elements of a wardrobe, which go with everything, which we wear at home and even outside.

A basic that can do everything: dressy, not dressy, sporty, sexy, luxury... But, also, which outlines our shapes and our contours without compressing us.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton pieces, carefully made in Portugal and available in black and white, they are quickly adopted by many customers.

From the choice of materials to the small finishes: nothing is left to chance.

First touch. We chose ribbed cotton as our signature material: it is soft, intense and plush. Also, this natural fiber is very resistant to multiple uses and washing.

Then, the shapes. Lined necklines, different sleeve sizes and stitching... Everything has been carefully thought out to dress everyone's body.

For each product, several prototypes were therefore necessary to arrive at the best weight of cotton, flattering cuts, collars that did not gape, straps and sleeves that held up.

We work hand in hand with our fabricators in Portugal who share our attention to detail, work well done and carried out with the heart.