Portrait 02 - At Sarah and Georges

Sarah, Georges, Eli and Ava opened the doors of their Montmartre apartment to us on a sunny Saturday.

Large library, XL sofa, hammock in the parents' bedroom, myriad of games for children... the atmosphere is warm and comfort is king.

Georges and Sarah admitted to us that they never left their OMEAR pieces. And in particular, Le Trousers, our new model which is added to our essentials.

All photos are by Estelle Rancurel.

Portrait of Sarah, Georges and their children in their living room
Portrait of Sarah and Eli on the sofa, wearing the OMEAR Long Sleeve in white
Portrait of the family in their living room with Sarah wearing the white OMEAR Long Sleeve

OMEAR: Your age, your city?

G: Georges, 34 years old Norman by origin and Parisian by adoption .
S: Sarah, 32 years old, in Paris since I was born.

OMEAR: Which room to choose to feel comfortable at home?

G: Light summer shorts or comfortable but chic soft pants, in case you have to go down for an errand.
S: George’s business!

OMEAR: A memory of a basic linked to childhood?

G: My dad, every Sunday in a Canadian suit and boat shoes, whether going to lunch with friends or going for a walk. It was his basic to get away from the everyday blazer.
S: My father is German and every time we went to Germany, my mother stocked up on basics for us at Calida, a sort of German Damart, very good quality. I still have some “undershirts” that haven’t moved.

Portrait of Georges and Eli in the bathroom, they are both wearing OMEAR basics in white
Portrait of Georges and Eli in the bathroom, they are both wearing OMEAR basics
Portrait of Georges and Eli in the bathroom, Georges wearing the wide OMEAR tank top

OMEAR: Your comfort zone at home?

G: The hammock when the end of the day light bathes the room.
S: Our huge green sofa for reading and writing.

OMEAR: Music to feel good?

G: Prose.FM, the chill radio by Anatole.
S: At the moment, I'm listening to Henri Salvador, I admit. It strikes me instantly.

OMEAR: An object of comfort?

G: Now it's undeniably OMEAR pants, otherwise, our huge sofa.
S: All my OMEAR pieces.

Portrait of Sarah in the children's room, Sarah is wearing the OMEAR black cotton pants
Portrait of Sarah in the children's room, she is wearing the OMEAR black and white layered tank tops
Portrait of Sarah in the children's room, she is wearing the black tank top and pants OMEAR
Portrait of Sarah in the children's bedroom, a drawing hanging on the wall

OMEAR: A morning or evening ritual?

G: Cooking breakfast and dinner for the family, often with a little chef by my side
S: Write in my journal with a fountain pen every morning.

OMEAR: A scent that makes you feel good at home?

G: Armenian rose paper.
S: I like the smell of the apartment when it's just clean after a big cleaning. So that would be the smell of household products?! Or laundry?!

OMEAR: A favorite delivery meal?

G: A good ramen from Neko.
S: Madame Shawn's lemongrass chicken soup.

Portrait of Sarah and Georges, a few white OMEAR tank tops placed on a chair in the living room
Thanks to Sarah and Georges for welcoming us into their home and to Estelle for capturing these beautiful moments.